Patience is a fun minigame or browsergame which lets play the single-player card game "Patience" (or "Solitaire" as some people call it) wherever you are.
While Solitaire is available on all major operating systems, along with MineSweeper, Freecell and a whole buch of other mini games, sometimes you just want to play without having another program cluttering your desktop.
What do you get? A full deck of lovely drawn cards and well, that s pretty much it. and what else do you need? A whole lot of Patience! :) Have fun.
What s great about Patience is that it doesn t need anything from your hosting provider, except webspace, because it s entirely written in client-side Javascript, instead of relying on PHP or something like that to do the work. The practical offshot for users is that it reacts pretty damn pronto to your input and is very reliable (of course only if you re using a supported browser)


Patience is the name by which Solitaire is known in Germany (and France, I guess)... it s also a fairly precise description of what it is meant for: Helping you pass the time, while you re waiting for that E-Mail to arrive, or somebody to bring you a hotdog. You get the idea. In the old days that meant bringing your deck of cards with you, but now you can just use your computer.

P.S. Sudoku is coming soon. I m currently working on a number of online games that you can play for free, including sports games, massive multiplayer games, action games, puzzle games, flash games and more. Stay Tuned